About Us

Ideas have impact.

When they're creatively and consistently woven into the fabric of your presence, they change people. Their habits. Their emotions. Their responses. Their perceptions.

Karlynne Creative has been providing creative concepts for more than ten years to clients ranging from the national advocacy group The Afterschool Alliance, to the aeronautics research directorate at NASA.

A creative concept is anything from a tagline to a visual design to sometimes just an idea. It is the element that kick-starts everything else.

Used consistently and with aforethought, the creative concept is the glue that holds your communications, marketing, outreach or publicity efforts together.

A creative concept increases the impact of your key messages.

Karlynne Creative is owned by Karen L. Rugg. With more than 25 years of working to inspire people to do the right thing, fall in love with the arts or find their true passion, she leads the development of creative concepts that call for people to take action.



Karlynne's Creative

Our own creative concept is born from an ancient structure and a bit of an obsession with Thoth.

We came to three realizations quite separately. And then some rather wonderful friend said, "put those three things together; they form a pyramid."

By golly, she was right.

Human beings yearn to be part of a Tribe through music, story and play. 

We seek to Experience through speaking, writing and consulting with others.

And we desire a Frontier where we quest, connect and inspire.

You'll recognize the tagline from our web banner in the last element of our pyramid.

We use this creative concept to inform and improve the work we do for ourselves and for our clients.

It's pretty cool. You can have one, too, you know.