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Proof, Please.

Do you know how when your walking down the streat and its really raining hard and a man is just standing there, stationery, and your not sure what to do and then mighty voice carreys over the air and shouts "I don't know when your going to make up you're mind but when its the truth and it's voice rings true then you know what to do."


Yes, there's something wrong with the paragraph above, other than its being a little nonsensical. A lot of things. And yet these kinds of mistakes happen every day -- in books, in newspaper articles, on news channel lower-third titles. Missing words, misspellings, incorrect punctuation and possessives.

For those who notice and those who care (e.g., good, loyal, discerning customers), there's nothing that torpedoes a company's or organization's reputation faster than a lack of attention to detail.

The words that represent you, represent you.

Take a moment to proof your web pages, business collateral, blog posts -- everything. Have someone -- it doesn't matter who -- look at what's been written before it's made public. Every writer, copy editor and proofreader will tell you that no matter how many eyes have seen a piece, errors are often found.

And here's the way our introductory stream-of-thought paragraph should have read. If anyone finds anything wrong with this, let us know!

Do you know how, when you're walking down the streat and it's really raining hard and a man is just standing there, stationary, and you're not sure what to do, and then a mighty voice carries over the air and shouts, "I don't know when you're going to make up your mind, but when it's the truth and its voice rings true, then you know what to do."