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Connect with Force

One of the most popular commercials during the Super Bowl (and actually before it) was the Volkswagen "The Force" ad, where a tiny tike in full Vader regalia grows increasingly frustrated with his inability to levitate household items and family members, until he meets up with the 2012 Volkswagen Passatt.

In 61 seconds we see the incredible power of linking your product (or service) to a cultural icon -- the cultural force of "Star Wars."

But in this case, the commercial worked because it *wasn't* another piece set in the Mos Eisley Cantina or the deserts of Tatooine or the corridors of the Death Star.

It worked because it was entirely down to Earth.

We could relate to everything in it -- the costume, the music, the dog, the weary mom, the peanut butter sandwich, and particularly the kid's desire to have a special power.

Don't be afraid to dream about linking your vision to a powerful icon you're passionate about. Have fun. Play around a little. Dig out those boxes of comic books or pick a favorite graphic novel.

Then you can bring it down to Earth. Link your heroic problem-solving energy to everyday subjects or concerns or problems.

Or, better yet, ask us to do it for you.