- 2015 - 


- 2014 -

11.14: Karlynne Creative leads launch of NASA Aeronautics Research integrated communications campaign. Launch products include social media shareables, campaign video, speech and employee message by NASA Administrator.

 6.14: Karlynne Creative accompanies NASA Administrator to Boeing ecoSummit, preparing speech, web feature, and key messages.

 5.14: Karlynne Creative implements NASA Social at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center, including registration, tours for social media mavens of aeronautics research facilities.

- 2013 -

11.13: Karen Rugg is member of Outreach Team that wins NASA Civil Service/Contractor Team Award for oustanding teamwork, commitment to excellence, and doing more with less in support of NASA's outreach efforts to the United States Congress.

8.13: Karlynne Creative and the NASA strategic communications team debut a new strategic vision for NASA's aeronautics research. NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden makes the vision the subject of his keynote speech at the AIAA Aviation 2013 conference. Karlynne Creative led the development of a vision video, white paper and other supporting communications materials.

7.13: Karlynne Creative is hired by FORGE Branding to write new collateral for a nonprofit global engagement organization that had recently completed developing a new brand identity.


- 2012-

7.12: Karlynne Creative provides creative concept to provide new messaging for the website of Joy Rains, a meditation teacher and author. 

4.12: Karlynne Creative is among those recognized as a 2011 ARMD Associate Administrator Award Honorable Mention for the work of the ARMD Strategic Communications Team to support and promote NASA's aeronautics research.

- 2011-

11.11: Karlynne Creative is part of a team that wins NASA's Civil Service/Contractor Team Award for developing the first annual Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate Associate Administrator's Awards program.

6.11: Karlynne Creative is named a member of the NASA team that wins a NASA "Agency Honors" Group Achievement award for "exemplary performance in leading the development of the NASA e-Book Program." The Aeronautics section was the first to convert books to e-Book formats; the rest of the agency has since followed suit and created an agency-wide program for converting and posting e-Books.

6.11: Karlynne Creative is part of the NASA team that wins two silver Summit Creative Awards for the "NASA Aeronautics Onboard" interactive presentation in the categories of "Educator" and "Government" Web sites.

5.11: Karlynne Creative teams with ZilYen, LLC, to provide continuing communications and outreach services to the NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.


- 2010 -

11.10: (l to r) NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, Karlynne Creative's Karen Rugg, NASA Associate Administrator Lori Garver. Credit: NASA/Paul Alers11.10: Karen Rugg receives a NASA Headquarters Special Service Award in recognition of her "outstanding contributions to the agencies [sic] and headquarters mission to inform and to educate."

6.10: NASA's "X-15: To the Edge of Space" interactive presentation; the "America by Air" book, a companion guide to the permanent exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum; and the new "green aviation" exhibit components -- all for which Karlynne Creative provided creative concepts and copywriting -- win Communicator Awards, an international awards competition managed by the International Academy for the Visual Arts.

6.10: A new "Green Aviation"-themed exhibit.

5.10: Karlynne Creative is part of a NASA team that receives two Awards of Excellence and one Award of Distinction from the 16th Annual Communicator Awards for the "NASA Aeronautics Onboard" interactive presentation.

3.10: Karlynne Creative receives two DC ADDY Awards -- "Interactive Media: Business-to-Business" and "Interactive Media: Business-to-Consumer" for "NASA Aeronautics Onboard" interactive presentation.

- 2009 -

11.09: NASA Headquarters selects Karlynne Creative and other team members to receive the Headquarters Honors Award for Civil Service/Contractor Team award, given for creation of the "NASA Contributions to Aviation" series of products.

11.09: A new exhibit publicizing NASA's work in "Green Aviation" research goes on display at NASA Headquarters. Karlynne Creative provided the creative concept and text for the exhibit.

9.09: "X-15: To the Edge of Space" interactive from Karlynne Creative.9.09: Karlynne Creative manages development and creative concept for a new NASA interactive presentation on the X-15 research aircraft: "X-15: To the Edge of Space."

9.09: Karen Rugg is a finalist in the Virginia Screenwriting Competition.

6.09: Karlynne Creative works at the Paris Air Show for NASA Aeronautics, communicating the public benefits of NASA aeronautics research to people from all over the world.

5.09:Karlynne Creative celebrates 10 years in business.

6.09: A new interactive presentation managed by Karlynne Creative debuts at "NASA Aeronautics Research Onboard."

2.09: Karen Rugg and Karlynne Creative are named a NASA Space Flight Awareness Honoree "in recognition of support of the Vision for Space Exploration."

- 2008 -

12.08: Karlynne Creative develops and unveils the first aeronautics-themed display in years at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. The display details some of the major contributions NASA has made to aviation in aircraft performance, air traffic operations, and safety that are featured in the "Contributions" series.

6.08: Karlynne Creative is part of a team that wins design and content awards for "America by Air," a companion book to a new exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum about the development of commercial aviation in America.

2.08: "NASA Contributions to Aviation" at NASA Headquarters.2.08: An exhibit publicizing NASA's contributions to aviation, built on a creative concept and text from Karlynne Creative, goes on display at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC.

- 2007 -

9.07: "NASA Contributions to Aviation" campaign.9.07: NASA begins offering the Contributions series of lithographs and posters, with creative concepts and copy provided by Karlynne Creative, which highlight technologies and knowledge NASA has contributed to aviation over the decades that have benefited commercial, general aviation, military aircraft and helicopters.

6.07: Karlynne Creative completes a training course with the Knowledge Management Institute.

- 2006 -

11.06: Karlynne Creative receives a multi-year contract with the NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.

9.06: Karlynne Creative attends WIRED's NextFest in support of NASA exhibits.

8.06: An American Red Cross national headquarters senior officer (National Chair of Volunteers) reports receiving a standing ovation after delivering a speech written by Karlynne Creative.

5.06: Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin (l) and Hugh Downs at the ORBIT Awards.5.06: Karlynne Creative is associate producer of the 2006 ORBIT Awards in Los Angeles, managing publicity, trophy development and presenter scripts for an event including Buzz Aldrin, Hugh Downs, Burt Rutan, Peter Diamandis, Rick Searfoss and others. The event was presented by the Space Tourism Society.

5.06: Karlynne Creative provides copywriting services for the Akoya communications design firm in Pittsburgh, PA.

4.06: Karlynne Creative coordinates co-promotion event between Joan's Travel Partners, Inc., and Cassatt's Kiwi Cafe in Arlington, VA. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the travel agency, the event at the cafe included a prize of airfare to New Zealand and a presentation from the Honorable Roy Ferguson, ambassador from New Zealand.

- 2005 -

10.05: Karlynne Creative provides a creative concept, "Help Children Survive to Five," and web content for a campaign to raise funds for child health run by the Pan American Health and Education Foundation (PAHEF).

9.05: Karlynne Creative provides Web site creative concept and writing services to Los Angeles-based Bold New World.

6.05: Karlynne Creative wins a one-year writing contract with the NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate.

5.05: Karlynne Creative develops collaboration and outreach strategies for member chapters of the National Space Society to publicize the new IMAX film,"Magnificent Desolation," across the country.

- 2003 -

6.03: Karlynne Creative writes speech for NASA's participation in the Centennial of Flight.

2.03: Karlynne Creative provides creative concept and editing services for NASA's new Educator Astronaut program.

- 2001 -

11.01: The Afterschool Alliance multi-user database, "AAIS," goes live. Karlynne Creative continues to provide training, develops User's Guide, and monitors operations.

- 2000 -

8.00: Karlynne Creative is hired to write the live event script for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation awards ceremony.

4.00: Karlynne Creative manages the development of a web-based, multi-user contact management database for the Afterschool Alliance.

2.00: Karlynne Creative coordinates Hill briefings by the Afterschool Alliance for congressional staff covering education issues.

1.00: Members of Congress learn more about the goals of the Afterschool Alliance thanks to monthly mailings coordinated and distributed by Karlynne Creative, including a mini-backpack with afterschool Flash cards with key afterschool messages, and other treats.

- 1999 -

8.99: Karlynne Creative coordinates briefings by the Afterschool Alliance at the Department of Education for education nonprofits in Washington, for women's organizations, and for science/math organizations in Washington.

5.99: Karlynne Creative (originally Karlynne Communications) is founded and begins consulting for the Afterschool Alliance including development of the organization's identity, writing and design of annual poll result reports, and planning of events to introduce Washington DC to the new nonprofit advocacy group.